MVNO?? What size and flavour suits you?
Just interested in entering with sales? OK! We can give you a fully functioning MVNO to sell to your customers under the TeleNeo brand or under your brand. Yes - a fully customisable solution.
Want a full MVNO? We can give you that as well - let's sit down and talk and find out what works best for you. 
We have solutions for all project sizes  . . .
MVNO Models 
A comprehensive MVNO capability that can be deployed rapidly, so our partners can focus on their go-to-market plans, whilst we provide the core network, connectivity and service support. 
Our MVNO implementations can vary from Full to Light models. 

Light MVNO
The Light MVNO is an end-to-end solution, including network access, SIM production, number allocation, activation, management interfaces and managed support. TeleNeo also manages the regulatory and engineering issues, leaving customers to focus on what they do best. 
The Light Model has the following advantages:
  • Ready-to-go solution 
  • Requires no network integration 
  • Full control of customer position 
  • Remote access to management platform 
  • Competitive airtime rates 

                                                                              Full MVNO model infrastructure
Full MVNO  

TeleNeo and its partners are specialist providers of managed infrastructure, solutions and services to clients with stringent Quality of Service (QoS), security, privacy - all of which make TeleNeo an ideal turnkey MVNO partner.

TeleNeo and its partners are leveraging a unique set of assets, to establish a full MVNO proposition in Europe, Brazil and Globally.

TeleNeo can deploy the required solution in eight weeks from signed contract, translating to a very short time to market.
TeleNeo is able to provide Customer with a wide range of capabilities above and beyond what would be expected. such as:
Possibility of hosting and managing IMSI ranges from other countries,
Getting access to detailed reporting and business intelligence,
Providing Customer with substantial value and strategic options for future-proofing and road mapping.

Branded Reseller Model 

The basic idea behind a Branded Reseller Model is that a brand owner can take a proven concept and sell it under his name and branding.

TeleNeo provides the possibility of connecting commodity telco services to multiple brands, whether regional or in special or niche markets.

Branding services makes subscriber recruitment more efficient, reduces price focus, brings higher subscriber loyalty and consequently reduces churn. 

Branding also enables intelligent segmentation of customers, which drastically improves possibilities for service development. Pinpointed services for subscriber segments will generate increased traffic volumes and improved revenues per user (ARPU).
The following Service Provider controls and features are included for managing mobile end users: 

IoT & M2M 

In simple terms, IoT can be defined as a system where multiple devices communicate with each other through sensors and digital connectivity. They talk to each other, work in tandem, and form a combined network of services. It is a network of physical objects, typically SIM cards or firmware, embedded in equipment or electronics around the world, enabling the collection of data for analytics. This data can then be used to optimize assets, differentiate products and services and improve or even transform customer experiences. 

M2M solutions contain a linear communication channel between various machines that enables them to form a work cycle. It’s more of a cause and effect relation where one action triggers the other machinery into activity.It is used in such areas as:
  • Energy and Utilities 
  • Automotive  
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Healthcare 
  • Transport and Logistics 
Such connectivity allows companies to improve efficiency by making small changes that can create a big impact, increase agility by being able to react instantly and can enable greater innovation through data analysis. 

We can enable your needs in this market in a unique way. Whether it is IMSI-Leasing or total outsourcing - Global or Local. 
We provide specialist M2M cellular connectivity, network services and self-service management tool

The TeleNeo APP 

TeleNeo has prepared a white labelled VoIP App that can be used as an added value to the MVNO Proposition. 
OTT VoIP App is the Smartphone software developed for Apple iPhones (iOS) and for Google Android-powered phones, and can be The App can be branded (customized) or white label. 
It can be supplied in English or Portuguese and can be used within the clients home market, as well as for travellers and expats.

It works similarly to a regular phone and enables calls to be made from anywhere in the world, as lng as there is a Wi-Fi or data connection.
It is associated with a normal telephone number that can be Brazilian, European or from virtually anywhere in the world.

• Revenue Opportunity 
• Create incremental revenue from your brand 
• Revenue from using the app for international calls 
• Build a loyalty of your customer after his return home from his travels and still have the App installed 
• Annual membership fee 
• Use the app as a marketing tool – use push messaging to keep your subscribers informed 
• App downloads create commercial value. 

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