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IoT & M2M 

In simple terms, IoT can be defined as a system where multiple devices communicate with each other through sensors and digital connectivity. They talk to each other, work in tandem, and form a combined network of services. It is a network of physical objects, typically SIM cards or firmware, embedded in equipment or electronics around the world, enabling the collection of data for analytics. This data can then be used to optimize assets, differentiate products and services and improve or even transform customer experiences. 

M2M solutions contain a linear communication channel between various machines that enables them to form a work cycle. It’s more of a cause and effect relation where one action triggers the other machinery into activity.It is used in such areas as:
  • Energy and Utilities 
  • Automotive  
  • Consumer Electronics 
  • Healthcare 
  • Transport and Logistics 
Such connectivity allows companies to improve efficiency by making small changes that can create a big impact, increase agility by being able to react instantly and can enable greater innovation through data analysis. 

We can enable your needs in this market in a unique way. Whether it is IMSI-Leasing or total outsourcing - Global or Local. 
We provide specialist M2M cellular connectivity, network services and self-service management tool 

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